How to write amazon product descriptions

Under-optimizing and under-testing Lastly, sellers neglect to optimize their listing copy for both customers and Amazon. If you need to include a lot of extra info in your description, you might want to try using line breaks.

For example, this image shows an Amazon description with an h1 header, followed by an h2 header.

There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.

So why is Product Title so poor? The biggest number goes first to headline a section, and then if you have subheads in the section, you use the next number down. Other tips for keeping your description readable: And this is why so many sellers get excited about listing their products on Amazon.

So take the time to write some terrific description copy. Make sure that your font color easily stands out on the page and that your font size and type is easily readable for your target audience. The main keyword is right at the front: Click on any book there, and it will open to a page that lets you fill in more back-end detail.

One way is to dig out the keywords they use in their search query. Interesting thought, but must be tested. Maybe somewhere in Cyber Space? Why did you decide to put that particular bundle together?

Rely More on Verbs, and Less on Adjectives Admission letters to colleges are no less of a selling copy than a product description.

Swipe copy from your testimonials. This cute, little sleeping bag is perfect for your one year old baby. Sometimes attracting customers can simply be done with a couple of words.

The flow of the copy should be seamless and easy to read. All hypothetical questions, but something that I would fire up a quick Spiltly test for and get a definitive answer to.

Amazon Product Listings Best Practices: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Designate All 7 Keywords Among authors who self-publish using Amazon KDP, most know that they can choose up to two categories for their book. Finally, if you have a KDP account, you can access the keywords Amazon encourages you to add to your book metadata in order to gain visibility for that particular search.

Fix My Story

The one image that particularly stands out to me as helpful is the sizing infographic. After your awesome book description, put in some top reviews of your book. This seller could address product features, even simple elements like the material, the color, the metal rings or that it is adjustable.

That way, shoppers on every platform, whether viewing organic or sponsored search results, will find what they need. Write a rough draft of your description copy using the same basic ideas as these bestselling books.

ModCloth pulls this off brilliantly by transporting their visitors into another world with charming small stories that have a dash of humor to them: It needs to sound and look similar to the bestselling books in your genre.

It simply makes your description easier to read for shoppers, and that improves their overall experience.

The dreamy descriptions on their website perfectly matches with the taste of classic fashion lovers. It's all lumped together because that's how Amazon formats things so when the customer scrolls down, they are faced with nothing but words and very little whitespace.

You could be walking away from valuable sales by not making the most of every pixel of Amazon Listing real estate possible. This helps me get more reviews from my organic sales as well. If it helps, actually go shopping on Amazon then reflect back on the following factors: What tips and tricks do you have to share about improving your Amazon book description and metadata?Amazon Product Descriptions.

This space allows for the free-form inclusion of up to characters worth of keywords that would not fit in the product title or bullet points. These additional keywords can drive traffic and conversions by opening up your products to other search queries.

Your Amazon product listing is the storefront used to sell your product. You must have a good Amazon product listing to convert customers.

How to Write Amazon Product Listings that Rank and Convert

Learn exactly how to do so in this quick guide. Amazon Product Listings Best Practices: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. Greg Mercer. In the product description, they include a % Money Back Guarantee.

With over million products in stock, Amazon is the largest online retailer in the a result, sellers have to compete against each other to get their products in front of as many people as possible.

One of the best ways to do this is to rank high in Amazon’s search results.

How to Write Amazon Product Titles

Editing in Amazon is pretty sophisticated, meaning you can bold and underline portions of your descriptions and reviews (like headlines, names, etc.). It works like Word and makes it easy to draw the eye to a particular sentence or section of the review.

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Each one of those above is a particular HTML tag that you can use for your book description. Now that we know what we can use, let’s talk about how you can use them to make your ebook descriptions pop.

How to Write an Amazon Book Description with HTML. Now that you know what tags you can use, let’s talk about how to use them.

How to write amazon product descriptions
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